AEG Background

AEG is an international agency that originated in Australia. Its primary objective is to facilitate university admissions for students who would like to complete their studies (undergraduate or postgraduate) through providing them with information about various universities, colleges, courses, etc., while taking into consideration the applicant’s budget, preferred place of study, and lifestyle preferences and choices.

Business Solutions

Now a days, any businesses need to attract, retain and grow its people as improve the culture and organization such as HR learning & Development, Organizational Design, Police & Procedures, HR Business Partner Outsourcing, Recruitment, HR communications, HR Technology & Automation, HR Strategy and Talent Solutions.


AEG provides consultation to high school graduates and to baccalaureate and graduate degree holders. We do this by:

  • Suggesting appropriate institutions or colleges with respect to the degree seeker’s needs, budget and other personal preferences.
  • Helping applicants to complete enrolment and registration processes for almost every educational institution anywhere in the world.
  • Keeping students regularly updated regarding legal and official changes in regulations and rules issued by governments or universities.

Changing Courses or Education Providers

In the case students who have already started an educational program with UK and Australian education providers and then want to switch universities or educational provider before the six months’ minimum required attendance, we are able to consult with them and provide information and advise to help them with the changes.

How to Apply to an Educational Institution

Our services include providing applicants with information through the internet or providing them with forms and handbooks where available. This service is provided free of charge which will be followed by application to institutes.

Response from Institute

Our group excels in communicating with applicants after their applications are submitted. We get in touch with you within a period to exceed 4 weeks for bachelor degree seekers, 6 weeks for master degree seekers and 3 months for PhD degree seekers.

Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

To get the COE, you must do two things:

  1. Accept the offer—sign it (on the last page) and provide details (address, contact numbers, etc.).
  2. Make the payment for tuition fees, or provide a copy of the official financial guarantee.