Historical Background

of the AEG

AEG’s philosophy is based on the belief that humans are active and interactive members of their communities and that individuals are members of their larger societies. Developing and investing in the individual as a valuable member and asset will not only add to societies, but will develop nations as a whole. Policy makers recognize this and so create policies that prioritize education above and beyond other areas.

Who we are?

AEG provides expert consulting to the organizations and students in world-wide. We do this by selectively identifying overseas educational programs, applying to obtaining admission from different overseas universities, and then in assisting prospective employees and students in applying for their visas and other travel documents.


AEG operates through an extensive global network One of our main services is educating our clients about international education. Additionally, provide consultancy and solution provides with strategic guidance for organizations goals

Our philosophy

AEG’s first office opened in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia, to provide support to the students in the community from international students, especially from the Middle East. AEG began as a volunteer organization with the noble intent of helping international students from Middle Eastern countries select their best-fit educational path. Word grew of our founder’s commitment to providing prompt, accurate and easily accessible information about international education. With increased popularity came a greater demand for resources was time to convert the not-for- profit, volunteer organization to a full-fledged business. AEG continued to grow, and in 2007 AEG hired additional staff to keep up with the increase in student enquiries and the accompanying paperwork required of international applications. AEG is a wholly owned international network of counseling and training centers accessible to the students and organizations around the world.

Present World-Wide

AEG is a relatively new brand name in Australia and we have 9 branches worldwide but it aims to establish itself as a brand name known for providing students with guided assistance in the different aspects of studying abroad. Our offices handle an advice on university choices, admissions paperwork,


Visas and other student supportAEG works with over 300 reputable universities and education institutions around the world providing students with information on the advantages of pursuing their education in the Australia, UK, the USA, New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, Europe, India, China and Canada.

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Why you should choose AEG


AEG currently processes about 600 applications per academic term, including applications for university study, English courses and other educational programs
Complete organisational transformation

  • AEG offers advice and enrollment services for a full-range of education opportunities including universities, colleges, institutes and English courses too and others services such as lifestyle
  • AEG works on making students’ wishes to achieve their long-term educational goals come true through thoroughly and comprehensively discussing with them ALL of their previous educational experiences that will contribute to achieving their ultimate goals
  • AEG is open and operating 24/7. We pride ourselves on providing live support for our clients who depend on our staff to give prompt, accurate and friendly information and services. Previously, we were not always successful in our efforts to get a response from the primary agent in a timely manner; AEG found their delays at the submission phase unacceptable for our student clients Our student clients and their families task AEG with making recommendations that can potentially influence the rest of their lives. For this reason, we take this task to heart. We consider it an honor and a privilege to have had our clients place their trust in AEG since 2006 to help them with such a significant decision—and we plan to keep it that way. Our student clients count on AEG’s expertise and recommendations in selecting study abroad institutions. We take into consideration the students’ and the families’ needs and wants, and we make best-fit recommendations based on their individual situations Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  • We help our student to find out a great opportune once they are graduated as we understand the basic principle that our partners hire us to provide a good student depending on our recommendation
  • To this end, AEG employees take the time to thoroughly understand each student’s demographic, geographic, familial, linguistic, religious, social and cultural background. This allows us to accurately identify and assess the student’s wants and needs.

Mission & Vision


We intend to provide in-depth and accurate information to our clients with excellent, easy-to-follow interaction and quality delivery


To be the world’s leader in consulting firms specializing via helping people and businesses in 2020